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Here’s a Little Ditty, About Jack and Jen, He’s Got A Heart On His Face, And She’s 6 Foot Ten.

By Michael Keskeys Hello friends, and fellow She-Hulk fans, we are back once again to discuss the latest issue of “She-Hulk” by Rainbow Rowell, Rico Renzi, and Roge Antonio. I’m so glad to have recently heard from the writer herself on Facebook that the series is ongoing, and not just a limited series as some of the solicits have suggested, which is fantastic news, as this is a character that deserves to have an ongoing series as much as any other Marvel character, especially as we have our Shulkie back again after a recent stint of being just a green (and briefly red, rage monster) This issue picks up where we left off last time, Jen’s off to work, where she runs into a former co-worker from the Dan Slott run, which I legit cheered when I saw their return, and we get some brief work-related humor as Jen goes through her rolodex of super friends to find some work and we get some great interaction with Jen and her Fantastic Four teammate Ben Grimm. We also get some more on Jack of Heart

Can She-Hulk Beat Thanos?

Do you guys hear that? I hear the sound of another She-Hulk FAQ coming on! 

BJ, initiate our signature theme song! 

*An awesome theme song worthy of She-Hulk’s praise plays in the background. Probably something by MF Doom*

 Alrighty, good people, we have one heck of a question this week: Can She-Hulk Beat Thanos? 

Well, for one, this is one crazy question as we all have seen Thanos lay hands on the mightiest heroes and win, but can She-Hulk take him? 

As we all have seen, Thanos isn’t a lightweight when it comes to putting down in battle. 

The unhappy Titanian Eternal has gone blow for blow with the likes of Thor, Hulk, Drax the Destroyer, and other powerful Marvel heroes; Often putting his foes down for the count when he himself isn’t felled through hard-fought means. Or, you know, his crippling lack of self-confidence doing him in. 

(It's true. Thanos usually loses because he doesn't believe himself worthy of Godhood, so he allows for room in his strategies that allow the heroes to win.)

Fortunately, She-Hulk has given us a few instances of battling Thanos.

In She-Hulk #13 written by Dan Slott, She-Hulk goes up against a version of Thanos that is just as powerful as the genuine article within the mind of the Mad Titan. 

Granted, this battle was inside Thanos’ mind, the two fought just as hard as they would’ve in standard reality. She-Hulk was able to hold her own against the purple-hued villain before things ended abruptly. 

The two would later battle again briefly during Civil War II #0, where Thanos beat She-Hulk so badly that she was in a coma for the majority of the event, before waking to find her abilities in flux.

[Editor's note: Mariko Tamaki's She-Hulk run following these events is worth checking out!]  

Despite She-Hulk having immense strength whether she’s in her standard state or savage, I don’t believe that she could beat Thanos due to a few factors such as his high level of intellect, power level, and ruthless nature in battle. 

She-Hulk could win over many villains, and she is plenty smart, but Thanos isn’t a typical villain and in spite of Jen going up against gods, monsters, and other powerful types, she just isn’t up to snuff for this cosmic baddie.

What Thanos has an abundance of, that She-Hulk lacks, is time. Time to plan. Time to think. Plus time is different in space. So he has years to organize while She-Hulk often has to run from one thing to another, and that's all while juggling her day job as a lawyer.  

Bear with me now everyone, I know this is a She-Hulk page where we love our Jade giantess, but hopefully, this particular answer doesn’t invoke some sort of lawsuit in the event She-Hulk herself sees this as I know I tend to pull at her strings every so often.

*Knock at the door*

Uh oh, I’m not sure I like the sound of that knock. Sorry folks, gotta cut my goodbye short as it appears I’ve caught Jennifer’s attention yet again.

She-Hulk: You’re darn right you’ve caught my attention, chump. Looks like I’m going to have to put you out of a job for good.

Devin: I swear this is the last FAQ where I have some less than praiseworthy answer, Jen. I don’t want to go back to cleaning toilets at the local grocery store!

She-Hulk: Hmm. Well then, I guess we are going to figure something out now won’t we?

She-Hulk: Alrighty folks, Devin will see you next week. BJ, wrap this up for me, please.

BJ: Yes boss. Uh, I mean ... Yes Mrs. She-Hulk. Anything you say.

Can you please put Devin down? I need him to write next week's answer so I can continue doing some other stuff. Like, you know, a comic that you star in.

She-Hulk: You put me in a comic?

BJ: I did.

She-Hulk: Does Marvel know?

BJ: LOL. Nope. But they'll figure it out eventually, so ... you should go read it while you can, Shulkie!

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