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Here’s a Little Ditty, About Jack and Jen, He’s Got A Heart On His Face, And She’s 6 Foot Ten.

By Michael Keskeys Hello friends, and fellow She-Hulk fans, we are back once again to discuss the latest issue of “She-Hulk” by Rainbow Rowell, Rico Renzi, and Roge Antonio. I’m so glad to have recently heard from the writer herself on Facebook that the series is ongoing, and not just a limited series as some of the solicits have suggested, which is fantastic news, as this is a character that deserves to have an ongoing series as much as any other Marvel character, especially as we have our Shulkie back again after a recent stint of being just a green (and briefly red, rage monster) This issue picks up where we left off last time, Jen’s off to work, where she runs into a former co-worker from the Dan Slott run, which I legit cheered when I saw their return, and we get some brief work-related humor as Jen goes through her rolodex of super friends to find some work and we get some great interaction with Jen and her Fantastic Four teammate Ben Grimm. We also get some more on Jack of Heart

Can She-Hulk Control Her Anger?


*Shouting from Avengers Mountain* 

Hello! Can you guys hear me down there? It is I, Devin, lord of She-Hulk FAQ’s and other geeky things! 

Thanks for tuning in to yet another installment of questions regarding a certain green hero.

This week’s question deals with a topic only sensitive to Bruce Banner. Since we’re relatively sure Jennifer doesn’t have this issue:  Can She-Hulk control her anger? 

I sure hope she can. She’s a lawyer, and if I’m not mistaken you can lose your job as one by yelling at the judge. 

As you might know, the Hulk cannot (always) control his anger, yet She-Hulk always seems to be at the center of calm and collected that Bruce could only dream of. 

Unfortunately, things weren’t always this way. 

Upon She-Hulk’s inception, she was initially unable to control her transformation in the same vein as her cousin. 

For the duration of her first series, She-Hulk lived up to her “Savage” title, as she would transform due to similar spurts of uncontrolled anger that released her alter ego.

Eventually, she’d come to retain her typical Jennifer Walters intelligence while in She-Hulk form.

The main reason She-Hulk seems more in control of her anger than her grumpy cousin would be due to her temperament prior to receiving the blood transfusion, and not having nearly as much gamma exposure. 

Prior to becoming She-Hulk, Jennifer was a smart, yet mousy woman which is leagues different than her somewhat sheltered cousin who had been abused as a child. The comics assert that it was this abuse that actually created the Hulk. 

Also, I failed to take note that Jennifer received a newfound sense of confidence that contributed to her sense of control after she realized she wasn’t a monster, but a seven-foot-tall beauty queen with unparalleled strength. (Jen’s inner fantasy, as it turns out.)

To be sure though, there have been a handful of instances where She-Hulk has “lost control” of her anger, but each instance usually is something that disturbs her typical gamma balance. Here are a few instances:

  • Avengers Disassembled Arc - Scarlet Witch used her abilities to unintentionally make Jen go savage. Not one of her fondest moments. 

  • Avengers by Jason Aaron (2018). She-Hulk still reeling from Civil War II, has embraced a more Hulking, savage green form akin to her cousin and maintains this look up until issue 50. 

Otherwise, Jennifer is perfectly normal in terms of her anger as she doesn’t rely on that for a power boost as Hulk does. 

There are a few other instances, but my brain is fried from all the gamma radiation in the room. 

Now that this is over, I’m going to go and stare at the $100 She-Hulk omnibus I’ve had my eyes on, which you guys should grab! Well, it’s more a suggestion than anything, but come on it’s She-Hulk we’re talking here!

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