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Can You Believe We're Getting a She-Hulk Series?

   By Michael Keskeys At the time of this writing, we are a little over two weeks out from the premiere of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney Plus.  A week ago, at Comicon, Marvel dropped a new trailer for the series, starring Tatiana Masanley ( Orphan Black) as our favorite gamma-powered superhero/attorney, and I’ve seen it so many times now and I still am in awe of the fact that we’re getting this show.   I’ve been a fan of this character since I was a 13-year-old kid getting into Marvel and saw some cheesecake pin-up art in an issue of Wizard Magazine.  That checked off all the boxes I needed at that age to try to find comics, and what I did was seek out what was the run at the time, Sensational She-Hulk, which was hilarious, awesome, and way more than just a cheesecake eye candy type character I went in for, and I’ve been a fan ever since.      The fact that she got to be a supporting character on the 90’s Hulk animated series was I figured as good as it would get for us fans, but

Savage Recaps of The Savage She-Hulk: Issue #3

Hearing that Jen’s “dead”, Trask’s thugs consider recanting their testimony. Before they can, green hands burst through the wall. Chaos ensues.

The prison guards arrive too late. Questioned about what happened, one of the thugs implicates She-Hulk: “She had man hands!” “Man, hands?” they asked. The thug replies with his dying breath, “The hands of a man!”

Meanwhile, in a secluded beach house, Jen is tossing and turning. It's impossible to tell if she's transforming into She-Hulk or not.

Elsewhere, Jake The Truck Driver sneaks into a phone booth. He begs his friend "Weasel" to help him. Weasel is reluctant. He has a nickname to live up to, after all, but he agrees.

But Trask anticipated this phone call and kills Weasel. Trask then picks up the newspaper Weasel was reading. It features a front-page story about She-Hulk murdering his former goons. This gives Trask an idea.

Trask orders his men to bring Weasel's body. He adds, “No funny business, Chuck. The last body you disposed of had clown make-up all over its face…we don’t have time for that shit today”.

At the Sheriff's office, Jen’s dad, Morris, has locked himself in. This is unusual as Morris’s “Private Time” usually occurs between 4pm and 5pm, but it’s nowhere near 4pm.

Morris vows vengeance on She-Hulk for killing his daughter. Even if he has to do it himself! And since Morris works in law enforcement, gunning down an innocent person without due process shouldn’t be a problem.

At Trask's warehouse, She-Hulk gets there in time to see Trask's goons stuffing Weasel's body into a car. Weasel has a ton of clown make-up on his face. Clearly, Chuck is not a very good listener.

Jake the Truck Driver soon arrives and finds Weasel dead. Jake realizes he's been set up by Trask.

Jake turns around to see a powerful green arm grab his throat. Only Jake knows the truth about what he sees, but he takes that secret to the grave. That secret, and also a ton of credit card debt from a refrigerator he bought from SEARS back in 1973.

An exhausted She-Hulk returns to the beach house and transforms back into Jen.

Zapper says the phone has been ringing all night. When he answers, the caller giggles, and then hangs up.

It rings. Jen picks up and she hears Lou Monkton’s voice. He claims to have actionable dirt on Trask.

Jen gives Monkton the address. Monkton says he'll arrive later.

Jen does not know that Monkton has a gun pointed at his head while making that call. How could she? Zoom wouldn’t be invented for another forty years.

While they wait for Monkton, Jen watches a horror movie with Zapper. He urges her not to be tense, but she is still uneasy and unsure about her alter ego and the danger she poses to Zapper.

The movie is interrupted by a special news broadcast starring Sheriff Morris. He urges She-Hulk to surrender.

Morris then shows a picture of She-Hulk holding Jake the Truck Driver’s body.

Realizing she’s been framed for murder, again, Jen screams, running to the bathroom. Turned on by her cries of anguish, Zapper doesn’t bother to ask Jen what’s wrong, hoping she screams again.

In the bathroom, Jen cracks open a prescription bottle of Mommy’s Little Helpers. As she turns green, Jen swallows more sleeping pills until finally, she collapses and changes back to Jen.

Hearing a thud, Zapper enters the bathroom. He sees Jen on the floor, mumbling, "...can't become She-Hulk again....can't hurt Zapper..."

Zapper revives Jen and asks why she didn't tell him she was She-Hulk.

Jen thinks nobody can help her. She is determined to surrender to her father to prevent She-Hulk from killing again. But Zapper is convinced that Jen, and She-Hulk, isn’t a killer.

Their argument is interrupted when the real killer arrives—a bulky green robot with a wig that makes it look like a robotic version of Cher. Robo Cher strangles Zapper.

Zapper is on the verge of losing consciousness when She-Hulk intervenes. A brawl ensues.

She-Hulk and Robo Cher fight out into the water and the robot’s literal true colors are revealed: Orange.

Someone painted it green to make it look like She-Hulk.

She-Hulk remembers seeing an orange hand when she was outside Trask's warehouse.

Realizing Trask is behind this, She-Hulk explodes in fury. She decapitates the robot and picks up its severed head, vowing revenge against all who wronged her. Including the writer of these summaries.

Issue Credits: 

David Anthony Kraft wrote this issue of The Savage She-Hulk, and he was joined by penciler Mike Vosburg, inker Chic Stone, colorist Carl Gafford, and letterer Mike Higgins.



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