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Here’s a Little Ditty, About Jack and Jen, He’s Got A Heart On His Face, And She’s 6 Foot Ten.

By Michael Keskeys Hello friends, and fellow She-Hulk fans, we are back once again to discuss the latest issue of “She-Hulk” by Rainbow Rowell, Rico Renzi, and Roge Antonio. I’m so glad to have recently heard from the writer herself on Facebook that the series is ongoing, and not just a limited series as some of the solicits have suggested, which is fantastic news, as this is a character that deserves to have an ongoing series as much as any other Marvel character, especially as we have our Shulkie back again after a recent stint of being just a green (and briefly red, rage monster) This issue picks up where we left off last time, Jen’s off to work, where she runs into a former co-worker from the Dan Slott run, which I legit cheered when I saw their return, and we get some brief work-related humor as Jen goes through her rolodex of super friends to find some work and we get some great interaction with Jen and her Fantastic Four teammate Ben Grimm. We also get some more on Jack of Heart

Is She-Hulk An Avenger?


Hello everyone! My name is Devin Arscott, and I’ll be taking over the FAQ section of this fine establishment regarding She-Hulk. 


 Alright, now that we’ve got the intros out of the way, let us begin. This week’s question comes from the site’s creator, BJ Mendelson!

BJ poses an excellent question: “Is She-Hulk a member of the Avengers?”

Now, BJ knows the answer, but we’re going to pretend he doesn’t as a way to introduce myself.  

As we all know, Bruce Banner, aka the Incredible Hulk, has been an acting member and founding Avenger in years past. Yet, not many people know that She-Hulk was also given Avengers status many years after her famous cousin.

She-Hulk gained Avengers status in Avengers issue #221 (July 1982).

Jennifer joined the team alongside Hawkeye, a returning member and all around dirtbag. 

How in the world did she gain her membership?  I’m delighted you asked! 

In this issue, The Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) calls several female superheroes as Jan wanted more women on the team. Despite everyone turning her down, She-Hulk was the only one to respond to the offer later in the issue. Once she joined, She-Hulk served on the team until issue #297, a whopping seventy-six spectacular issues.

Isn’t that so neat? Who would’ve imagined that the Hulk’s excellent, fourth-wall-breaking lawyer cousin would serve on the Avengers longer than him? I’d call that one heck of a win for the Jade Giantess. 

And this wouldn’t be the last time that She-Hulk would serve on the Avengers. 

In the early 2000s, right before a significant revitalization of the Avengers, She-Hulk aided the team once again to fend off the looming threat of Red Skull during the aptly named arc, “Red Zone,” by Geoff Johns. 

During that arc, She-Hulk is nearly killed by a poisonous gas created by the Red Skull. But due to Jack of Hearts accidentally reverting her into her human state, Jen became savage (again) and fled the scene. 

Eventually, She-Hulk is helped by her friends, and things were fine. That is, until Jen got caught up in a murder mystery smack in the middle of the town she f*cked up, which can be seen in Dan Slott’s She-Hulk run.

Today She-Hulk currently serves as a member of the Avengers for writer Jason Aaron’s run. She’s been on one heck of a wild ride since that series began. Including, at one point, having her powers enhanced by the Celestials. 

You know, the giant robot guys hot off their big screen debut in “The Eternals”?

So to answer the question, yes, She-Hulk is a member of the Avengers as of this writing, and has a long established history with the team dating back to the early ‘80s.

See, didn’t I tell you that this would be a long-winded answer? I guess this is why I get paid the big bucks, right? But, wait.., according to BJ, I am not indeed being paid the big bucks and instead get a good old-fashioned Marvel No-Prize. But, hey, I’ll take what I can get!


Author Info: Devin Arscott's blog can be found here, and you should give him a follow on Twitter @CBDev95

Image Source: Avengers, issue 221 by Jim Shooter & David Michelinie, cover Art by Ed Hannigan and Brett Breeding.

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