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Here’s a Little Ditty, About Jack and Jen, He’s Got A Heart On His Face, And She’s 6 Foot Ten.

By Michael Keskeys Hello friends, and fellow She-Hulk fans, we are back once again to discuss the latest issue of “She-Hulk” by Rainbow Rowell, Rico Renzi, and Roge Antonio. I’m so glad to have recently heard from the writer herself on Facebook that the series is ongoing, and not just a limited series as some of the solicits have suggested, which is fantastic news, as this is a character that deserves to have an ongoing series as much as any other Marvel character, especially as we have our Shulkie back again after a recent stint of being just a green (and briefly red, rage monster) This issue picks up where we left off last time, Jen’s off to work, where she runs into a former co-worker from the Dan Slott run, which I legit cheered when I saw their return, and we get some brief work-related humor as Jen goes through her rolodex of super friends to find some work and we get some great interaction with Jen and her Fantastic Four teammate Ben Grimm. We also get some more on Jack of Heart

Can She-Hulk Beat Wonder Woman In a Fight?


She-Hulk has the upper hand on Wonder Woman in this fight, as depicted by Raffaele Marinetti.

This week’s question comes from Gabrielle in Why, Arizona. Yes. That is the name of the town. People who live there often ask themselves why too, but nobody has an answer.

Am I kidding?

You’ll have to google it and find out, but that’s not why you’re here! You’re here to learn whether or not She-Hulk can beat Wonder Woman in a fight. A great question, and a thing I often fantasize about.

(Did I say that last part out loud? God Dammit, BJ, you're supposed to keep that sort of thing to yourself. Haven't you learned your lesson from that incident when you were speaking at a convention and someone asked you about your kink involving Wonder Woman in peril?)

*Clears throat*

Of course, the answer to Gabriells' question is simple: Who’s writing this specific fight between She-Hulk and Wonder Woman?

Think of this question in the same way you think about the whole Batman vs. Superman thing.

Superman could murder Batman in less than a second, but that doesn’t make for an interesting story.

And so most writers, I feel, tend to favor Batman over Superman, so they have these convoluted reasons as to how and why Batman can defeat him. (The answer is usually magic. When in doubt, use magic on a Kryptonian.)

I would add, for She-Hulk versus Wonder Woman, we have to clarify what version of She-Hulk we’re talking about. 

Because if it’s The Savage She-Hulk? Wonder Woman will beat her every time. No question.  The Savage She-Hulk has Jen's intelligence, but she's still really impulsive. That means a master strategist like Wonder Woman would have no problem defeating her.


If it’s the Sensational She-Hulk, who I’ll remind you, can break the fourth wall, The Sensational She-Hulk wins every time against Wonder Woman.

All she has to do is flip back the pages of her own comic to counter a move by Wonder Woman, and it’s over for the Titan of Themyscira.

One other thing to consider, and it’s something I don’t (at the moment) have the answer to:

Has Power Princess (Marvel’s Wonder Woman stand-in) fought She-Hulk one on one? I don’t believe so, but that’s something to look into. 

For all intents and purposes, Power Princess is Wonder Woman. So having her fight She-Hulk would be a good way to establish a baseline as to whether or not the Jade Giantess can take down her famous opponent in a fair fight.

So, find your favorite comic book writers and ask them for Power Princess vs. She-Hulk! (Or just wait until I write that battle in the pages of She-Hulk: From Savage to Sensational)


That's all for this week. Don't forget to send your She-Hulk questions to with "She-Hulk Expert" in the subject line, and make sure to include your first name and town if you wish for me to reply.

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