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Can You Believe We're Getting a She-Hulk Series?

   By Michael Keskeys At the time of this writing, we are a little over two weeks out from the premiere of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney Plus.  A week ago, at Comicon, Marvel dropped a new trailer for the series, starring Tatiana Masanley ( Orphan Black) as our favorite gamma-powered superhero/attorney, and I’ve seen it so many times now and I still am in awe of the fact that we’re getting this show.   I’ve been a fan of this character since I was a 13-year-old kid getting into Marvel and saw some cheesecake pin-up art in an issue of Wizard Magazine.  That checked off all the boxes I needed at that age to try to find comics, and what I did was seek out what was the run at the time, Sensational She-Hulk, which was hilarious, awesome, and way more than just a cheesecake eye candy type character I went in for, and I’ve been a fan ever since.      The fact that she got to be a supporting character on the 90’s Hulk animated series was I figured as good as it would get for us fans, but

Is She-Hulk a Boss in Fortnite?

The She-Hulk / Fortnite Crossover comic from a recent Avengers issue

This week’s She-Hulk trivia question comes from Jerry in Batcave, North Carolina. Jerry wants to know, “‘Is She-Hulk a boss in Fortnite?”

Honestly, Jerry, I’ve missed out on the whole Fortnite craze. The fact is, a near forty-year-old-man should be playing other games, like the new Guardians of the Galaxy, but to answer your question, no. She-Hulk is not a boss in Fortnite. 

You can transform into She-Hulk in “Fortnite: Battle Royal” after unlocking Level 22 of the Chapter 2: Season Four Battle Pass. 

And fun fact, you can turn into the Red She-Hulk by eating something spicey. Which … sounds like a thing I just made up, but I assure you, Jerry, it’s the truth.

For a full breakdown of She-Hulk's adventures in the metaverse, there's a handy guide here on playing through all the challenges related to her.

(If you have a She-Hulk Trivia question you'd like answered here on this blog, send me an email at with She-Hulk Trivia in the subject line. Make sure to include your first name and town if you'd like a reply.)

Image Credit: Avengers #36 Variant Cover by Matteo Scalera.

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