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Are She-Hulk and the Bruce Banner Hulk Cousins?

Welcome back to the law offices of Walters and Mendelson. I’m the lucky Secretary who gets to answer all the phone calls, make coffee runs, and do any other grunt work in hopes that I too can become a lawyer someday. Uh oh. My resume says I’m not a secretary, but a writer who has far too much knowledge of comic-related material. Rats, there goes my chance at having an afternoon judge show. [Editor's Note: You never know! Steve Harvey had a reality show called "Judge Steve Harvey" and he is not a licensed judge! The world can still be your oyster, Devin!] This week I’ll answer the question on whether or not She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters is in fact the Hulk’s cousin.   Is She-Hulk the Hulk’s cousin? To begin, we must take a trip back to the 70s for a wild ride into She-Hulk’s origin. Picture this, Marvel offices in the funky era of the 1970s; Comics are booming, there are some successful television shows with superheroes, and Stan Lee is the man in charge at Marvel. One day, o

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